Painted Floorcloth–A custom look without a custom price tag

Painted Floorcloth—Why do this DIY home decor project?

Creating your own home decor item is a great way to beautify your home without making a mess of your budget. Some readers might be thinking, what about the people who do not have the required skills to do so. For those of you who think this way, you should consider creating a painted floorcloth using stencils.
Stencils are a great option for those who believe they lack the required skills. If you are interested in learning how to make the one posted on this blog, then read the Holiday 2010 issue of Create & Decorate for the step by step instructions for this painted floorcloth project.

Painted Floorcloth--DIY home decor

Designer Tip of Day

You might wonder what it takes to recreate a project from a magazine. There are various factors that can impact your success. The materials and tools used to create a project are extremely important. They can be almost as important as the ability of the person executing the project. Today, I decided to highlight the stencil.   I chose to use the stencils from a company called The Artful Stencil. Not only do they offer a nice selection of stencil images, but also one of quality. The thickness of their stencils is twice the thickness of most other brands.If you have every used a flimsy stencil, you know how frustrating the endeavor can be.

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