Beaded Rosebud Ring of Possibilities

Beaded Rosebud Ring--FREE beading pattern to make this ring created with two-hole beads and seed beads.Beaded Rosebud Ring—FREE Beading Pattern

Two Hole Bead Bracelet--Free beaded bracelet pattern featuring the two hole es-o mini bead

Quick & Easy Rosebud Bracelet Pattern—Click Here

When your read the title of this post did the following questions come into your mind? Beaded rosebud ring of possibilities? What does she mean by that? The idea of this post came from the previous post called the Quick & Easy Rosebud Bracelet—Click Here for the post. I really liked the rosebud component of the bracelet and thought it would be very versatile. I imagined that a bracelet made with only rosebuds would make a very sweet bracelet. It could be worn with the original design or I could make three of them and wear them all together. But, I didn’t have time for that. So, opted for  the ring. Then I thought the reader might like to see some other possibilities for the design—silver versus gold and pink versus cream. Are you beginning to see the possibilities?




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