Peyote Watchband Pattern

Peyote Watchband TutorialPeyote Watchband Free Beading Pattern—Learn how to make a beaded watchband using the peyote stitch. The seed bead colors are: turquoise, silver, black, green, and yellow.

Learn how to make your own beaded peyote watchband. The bead stitch used to create the watchband is the peyote stitch and it is worked using seed beads. To make this beginner friendly, I did two things. The first thing I did was modify the traditional peyote stitch graph paper. I outlined each row in a different colors. I colored the row number to correspond to the outline color. I added some arrows. Plus, I enlarged the pattern. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will make it easier for people to read the chart. (However, I do know that the chart doesn’t look as pretty as the standard chart.) The second thing I did is provide options regarding how to adjust the size (length) of the project.


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