Decoupage Container with Mod Podge


Decoupage a Beginner Friendly Decoupage ContainerTechnique

I chose to post this decoupage container for the people who told me that they were “extremely craft challenged”. Decoupage is a great craft for people who feel that they do not have the ability to create or design a craft project. It is also a great project for anyone who is seeking a budget friendly craft project.

What is decoupage?

It is an art technique used to decorate a surface. You start with cut-outs of paper, linoleum, plastic, or other flat material. Then you glue into place the cut-outs on the surface you wish to cover. You finish by applying a varnish or lacquer over the surface.

What materials were used for this project?Decoupage Container

The supplies used to create this project was a paper maché container, Mod Podge®, sponge brush and tissue paper. Decoupage project can be made with items that many of use already have in the house–leftover party napkins or wrapping paper.

Sources for Materials for a Decoupage Container

Note: DMD Decoupage Tissue was used for the projects shown. Based on an internet search on 11/18/16, you can still find their product online, but the company might not be in business.

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