Product Review—LightView Rolling Base LED Magnifier Lamp; Sewing, Craft, Puzzle Light

The Brightech Lightview Pro Dimmable LED Magnifying Floor lamp is a good lighting option for people who do crafts. This is especially true if your craft involves detail work, such as beading. It is easy to adjust the lamp to suit your crafting needs—soft and bright light options, movable light/magnifier head, and wheels. This lamp is hands free making it easy to enjoy work or hobbies without having to maneuver a magnifying glass. However, I found that one has to pay proper attention in order to move the lamp.

Reason for the Craft Light Product Review

The reason I did this craft light review is because Brightech asked me if I was interested in reviewing one of their magnifier lamps. I was open to the idea because I have been wanting a light for my craftwork. This is especially true during the late fall and winter months when there isn’t much natural light.

Craft Light Options from Brightech

Brightech offers three types of magnifying lamps. The price range is $27.99 to $113.99. First option sits on top of your work surface. Second option clamps onto your work surface. Third option is the floor lamp. I chose option three the LightView Rolling Base LED Magnifier Lamp; Sewing, Craft, Puzzle Light. I thought its flexibility would best suit my crafting needs.

Craft Light Product Review

Readers of this blog know I do a variety of crafts. For testing purposes, I decided to limit the testing of the light to beadwork and crocheting. However, I can see using this light product for any craft that involves detail work.

The way the lamp was made makes it easy to adjust it to suit your crafting needs. First, you can select between two different light types—bright white and soft white. Second, you can increase or decrease the light strength. Third, you can adjust the height of the magnifier/light unit. This means you can sit on any seat height or stand. It is up to you. You can swivel the magnifier/light unit to suit your style of work. You can have it facing straight down (horizontal), vertical, or somewhere in between.

Crochet Test

The crochet test I did was working with black worsted yarn. I chose this because I have heard people in yarn stores lament about not being able to work with black yarn. Black yarn absorbs light. So, I liked being able to choose the bright white light. It made it easier to see the stitches.

Beading Test

The beading test I did was working a popular size seed bead an 11/0. Additionally, I chose to test beads with two types of finishes—glossy and matte. I thought it important to includes this my product review of a light because glare can be issue.

In general, I thought the light worked well with beading. I liked having the ability to move the light to wherever I felt like beading. However, I felt extra attention should be paid when moving it to avoid any mishaps.

Glare could be an issue for some crafters. Depending on how much of an issue it is for you, you could make adjustment to make it work for you. The first adjustment is to the lamp. Choose the soft white light instead of the bright light. The second adjustment is to choose beads with a matte finish.

If you are interested in this lamp or seeing the other options, then click on the product name — LightView Rolling Base LED Magnifier Lamp; Sewing, Craft, Puzzle Light

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