Free Crochet Turkey Pattern

Crochet Turkey--FREE crochet pattern to make turkey with realistic looking feathers.Today’s post was inspired by a request to make a crochet turkey with realistic feathers.

I debated with myself regarding when to share this crochet turkey. Finally, I decided to post it early as my way to help prevent people from suffering from Holiday Time Warp Syndrome. What is Holiday Time Warp Syndrome and how do I recognize it.

Holiday Time Warp Syndrome is a syndrome that affects many-well meaning crafters.  The syndrome affects a person’s perception of time. The person starts out thinking that they have plenty of time to get everything done in September, but ends up convinced that the holidays were moved up by the height of the holiday season.

The start of the syndrome can often be hard to  detect.  Just before the holiday season begins, you might hear  a person who has many ambitious ideas for the holiday season but doesn’t have a plan. It is easy to dismiss this symptom because there is still time. However, after Thanksgiving the signs become hard to ignore. Here are some examples: frenzied trips to the stores to buy supplies, getting up earlier, staying up later, perhaps showing signs of irritability etc. You’ll know the person has a full fledge case of the Syndrome when they kind of joking ask “Did they make the holidays earlier this year?” Then you might notice the person looking at the calendar, shaking their head and muttering something like….this can’t be right. I really thought I had much more time to get everything done.

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