Picasso’s Thank You Note

Thank You Note—FREE Card Making Tutorial

Thank You Note Card--FREE card making tutorial using the stamp and reveal technique.

Butterfly Thank You Note Card–Version 1

Are you wondering why I called this post Picasso’s Thank You Note? It is because I wanted to thank Picasso for introducing me to a Facebook group on card making using rubber stamps.  It is nice to have a positive break from all the horrible news stories. When I see the news, I usually think how dreadful. However, when I see the posts from the group, I think how beautiful or other positive adjectives.

Based on my research, butterflies are considered to be a symbol of endurance, change, hope, and life. This is why I decided to feature them in cards as a response to all the horrible news stories that bombard us everyday. I hope that seeing butterflies might inspire some positive change.

I call the technique I used to make this thank you note the stamp and reveal technique. First, you apply all the colors you want to use. Second, you cover it all with black ink. Third, you stamp to reveal some of the color you applied in the first step. If this idea sounds familiar, then you probably did something similar to this with crayons when you were a kid. At the very bottom of the post are additional cards designs for inspiration.

Thank You Note Card--FREE card making tutorial using the stamp and reveal technique.

Butterfly Thank You Card–Version 2


Cardstock :

  • Version 1: Glossy White, Red, and Yellow
  • Version 2: Glossy White, Red, and Pink

Stamps: Stampland Chicago Dark Butterfly 3606-28 and Thank You Script 9205-14 

Colored Markers: in assorted colors (I used yellows, pinks, lime green and red.)


  • Version 1: ColorBox® Pigment Stamp Pad Black and ColorBox Pigment Ink Refill Black
  • Version 2: ColorBox® Pigment Stamp Pad Silver and ColorBox Pigment Ink Refill Black

Ranger® Glossy Accents™


Scissors and Ruler

Cosmetic Sponge

Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives

Stencil Brush


How to Make the Thank You Note

  1. Cut the following:
    • V1: 4″ square from glossy white cardstock, 4 1/2″ square from red cardstock, 4 3/4″ square from pink cardstock, and a 5″w X 10″ l rectangle from glossy white cardstock.
    • V2: 3 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ rectangle from glossy white cardstock, 3 3/4″ x 5″ rectangle from yellow cardstock, and 5 1/2″ w X 8 1/2″ l rectangle from red cardstock.
  2. Create the card base. Along the length of the card, make a score a line in the middle and fold in half.
    • V1 has a 5″ square card base.
    • V2 has a 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″rectangle card base.
  3. Cover the entire glossy panel with colored markers starting with the lightest color.
  4. Apply the pigment ink over the entire panel. (Work as quickly as possible.) Take the black refill and squeeze a few drops at a time onto the panel. Then use the cosmetic sponge to spread and apply. Continue until all the markers are covered over.
  5. Stamp the butterfly onto the panel using the photo for reference.
  6. Apply heatgun to dry panel.
  7. Add message to card.
    • V1: Ink up the thank you stamp with black ink. Stamp on white paper. Either apply heatgun or wait until it dries and cut out.
    • V2: Ink the thank you stamp with silver ink. Stamp on the upper right-hand corner. Apply heatgun to  prevent smudging.
  8. V2: Use stencil brush to apply a light dusting of the silver ink. Apply heatgun.
  9. Assemble card using glue. Use photo for reference regarding order of layers.
  10. V1: Attach thank  you.
  11. V2: Apply glossy accents onto butterfly and allow to dry.

Additional Inspiration

Note: Don’t worry if you cannot achieve 100% coverage of the markers. You can still create really cool designs like the fairy or Japanese lady. To me the idea is to just have fun and experiment.

Thank You Card featuring a Kitty Face--FREE card making tutorial using the stamp and reveal technique.

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