Two-Hole Infinity Bead Pendant

Free Beading TutorialTwo-Hole Infinity Bead Pendant--Free tutorial on how to make this pendant using the peyote stitch

Two-Hole Infinity Bead Pendant

This elegant two-hole infinity bead pendant is made using the peyote stitch. The shape of the infinity bead adds interest to beading projects. The construction (instructions) were done in such a way as to maximize the impact of these beads. The pendant would make an elegant gift for Mother’s Day and other gift giving occasions. If you are unfamiliar with the infinity bead,  then you might have the following questions.

What is an infinity bead?

It is a Czech glass bead with two-holes and shaped like a figure eight.

How can I use an infinity bead?

You can use it your bead stitching (weaving) patterns or as a strand spacer.

How to access the pattern

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