Copic Markers Introduction

Copic Markers for Card MakersCopic Markers--an introduction for card makers.

Why do card makers use copic markers?

Card makers like copic markers for creating dimension through shading of their hand-stamped images.

What are copic markers?

Illustrators and other artists have long considered copic markers as the best markers. Copic Markers--an introduction for card makers. They come in over 300 colors, are non-toxic, acid free and mix well with other media.  Copic markers are doubled-ended. To cover larger areas, you’ll use the broadCopic Markers--an introduction for card makers. nib.Copic Markers--an introduction for card makers. For detailed work, you’ll use the fine nib. These qualities make them well suited towards making handmade cards.

How to create dimension with copic markers

What are two keys to successfully creating dimension in your card projects with copic markers? The first key is where you apply it. The second key is how you apply it.


You’ll create dimension by applying additional colors over the base color. Your decision as to where to apply the additional colors will be impacted by two factors. The first factor is the stamp you chose. The second factor is where you decide the light source is. If you chose a stamp that is a simple line stamp then you will have to make all the decisions regarding shading/dimension. If you chose a more complex stamp (one that includes shading), then you can take your cue from it regarding the light source.


When coloring in an area of your stamped image, use multiple, overlapping strokes to darken an area of color. To seamless blend colors, apply the second color or stroke while the first stroke is still wet.The underneath layer will show through if you allow your color to dry before adding another layer.

What you should buy

Ideally you should have three shades of each color—light, medium, and dark. Or, you could go with a light, a dark and a blender pen. See the image below to see what a blender pen looks like. A blender pen lacks pigment which makes it possible to pick up  some of the color you applied. If you choose the second option, then you will create the middle value by applying the blender pen to the dark ink.Copic Markers--an introduction for card makers; what a blender pen looks like

 Who sells copic markers

Below are links to retailers who sell copic markers just in case you cannot find them at your local art supplies stores.

Dick Blick




I will be  posting card making tutorials that feature copic markers. So, please visit again.

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