Free Beaded Snowflake Pattern

Beaded Snowflake —FREE tutorial. Made with 2-hole Es-O Mini beads,2-hole Candy bead, 3-hole eMMA beads, seed beads, and 2Tiny Fire Polished Beads. Stitches: Peyote and Right Angle Weave.Beaded Snowflake Free Beading Tutorial

Beaded snowflake—learn how to make this versatile project. It can be used to make a beaded snowflake ornament, a beaded snowflake pin, a pair of snowflake earrings and more.  It is also an opportunity to work with multi-hole beads: 2-hole Candy bead, 2-hole Es-O Mini bead and the 3-hole eMMA bead.


*If you are unfamiliar with these stitches, then just click on them to go to a stitch tutorial.


  • 1 8mm Preciosa Candy™ 2-hole Cabochon Cream Airy Pearl
  • 14 8/0 Czech Seed Beads Bronze
  • 7 3mm X 6mm eMMA 3-hole Beads Cream Airy Pearl
  • 1g 10/0 Czech Seed Beads Bronze
  • 4mm Es-O Mini 2-hole Beads Cocoa Airy Pearl
  • 2mm 2TINY™ Czech Fire Polished Bead Crystal Copper Rainbow
  • Beadalon® WildFire™ beading thread diameter 00.15nn (.006”)–Frost
  • Big Eye Beading Needle
  • Scissors


  1. Frame the candy bead with 8/0 bronze seed beads. Use a total of fourteen beads. Three beads are added to the top and bottom and four beads along the sides.
  2. 2TINY™ Czech Fire Polished Bead will frame the inside edge. (You may need to nudge them into place.) Start working in the peyote stitch. Pick up one 2Tiny bead. Skip the first seed bead and pass the needle through the next. Repeat all the way around. Working a total of 7. Weave needle so that it is exiting an 8/0 bead along the outside edge.
  3. Work the second round of the peyote stitch using the eMMA 3-hole Beads. Step by passing the needle through a hole along the outside edge.
  4. Pick up one Es-O Mini and three 10/0 bronze seed bead. Pass down through the second hole and pass through the next eMMA bead. Repeat all the way around. To step up, weave the needle through the beads so that it is exiting the second of the three beads flanking an Es-O Mini.
  5. The “spikes” of the snowflake are worked off of the center seed bead flanking the Es-O Mini bead. Start working in the right angle weave stitch. Pick up three 10/0 bronze seed beads. Pass through the original bead and the first two beads picked up. Work a second stitch. Then weave through the beads so you are in position to create the next spike. You will create a total of seven spikes.

Embellish the “spikes”

Embellish the spikes with the 2Tiny Fire Polished beads. Weave through the beads so that the thread is exiting the first of the three seed beads flanking an Es-O Mini. Pick up one fire polished bead and pass through the next bead.  Pick up one bead and pass through the next three beads. Fill in the next two spaces on that spike. Repeat with the remaining spikes. Weave in thread ends and trim.


What you decided to use the snowflake for will determine if you use  the third hole of the eMMA bead.

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