Snowflake Ring Beading Pattern

Free Two Hole Bead Ring TutorialTwo Hole Bead Ring Pattern—FREE beaded ring tutorial featuring two types of two hole beads—the Candy bead and the Es-O Mini bead.

This free two hole bead ring pattern features two types of two hole beads—the Candy Bead and the Es-O Mini. The ring band is worked using the herringbone stitch.


  • 1 8mm Preciosa Candy™ 2-hole Cabochon Green Turquoise Opaque (A)
  • 1g 8/0 Czech Seed Beads Brass Matte (B)
  • 8 4mm 2-Hole Es-O Mini Beads Bordeaux (C)
  • 16 8/0 Czech Seed Beads Green Turquoise Opaque (D)
  • 2g 10/0 Czech Seed Beads Green Turquoise Opaque (E)
  • 1g 10/0 Czech Seed Beads Brass Matte (F)


  1. Pick up one candy bead, 1B, 1C and 1B. Pass through the second hole of the candy bead. Pick up 1B, 1C and 1B and pass through the candy bead and the BCB on the opposite side.
  2. Fill in the two spaces as follows. Pick up 1C, 1B, 1C, 1B,and  1C. Pass through the next three beads.  Step up through the second hole C.
  3. Fill in the spaces between C beads. Pick up 2D and pass through the next C. Repeat all the way around.
  4. Create herringbone band. Weave thread so that it is exiting between a pair of D beads. Pick up 2E.  Pass the needle down through the next bead and back up the starter bead (the bead the thread was exiting at the start of the step) and the first bead picked up. Continue working in the herringbone stitch until you have achieve the desired size.
  5. Connect the ring band. The band is connected to the pair of D bead on the opposite. Pass the needle through theses beads as though you adding the beads.
  6. Weave thread so that it is exiting between a pair of D beads next to the band. Pick up 3F. Pass the needle through the next D,B and B. Repeat two more times on the same side. Repeat on opposite side. Reinforce ring band if needed. Weave in thread ends and trim.

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