Amigurumi Rabbit Rockette inspired Costume

Amigurumi Rabbit Rockette--Learn how you can help design her holiday wardrobe

Readers’ Invitation to Contribute to the Design Process

The Amigurumi Rabbit Rockette inspired Costume is the first in the series. You the reader can contribute to the design process. If you had a chance to read the post from November 27, 2016, then you know that the series is to create a holiday season wardrobe for Bella. You might wonder why I chose to create a costume based on a Rockettes’ costume. It is because the Radio City Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular  is a must do for any visitor coming to NYC during the holiday time. In other words, it is holiday tradition.

Rockettes’ Costume

In the photo, their costume has sleeves that are puffed from the shoulder to just above the elbow  and then it looks fitted to the wrist.

What design aspect are readers being asked to contribute to?

The design question to solve is what type of sleeves should the Amigurumi Rabbit Rockette inspired Costume have?

Design Options for Amigurumi Rabbit Rockette inspired Costume

Please let me know what you think about the two design options for the sleeves. If you are like me, then you find the  amigurumi aesthetic extremely cute. However, it does cause some challenges when designing clothes for them.  The first option is on the arm on left side of the photo. It has a puffed sleeve. The second option is on the arm on the right side of the photo. It has a full length sleeve.


Additional Insight to the Design

The goal of the design was to create something that capture’s the essence of the original. That is why I chose green, added fur trim and gave the dress a bit of flare.  However, I chose to add fur differently.


Readers what would you like to see in Bella’s holiday wardrobe?

  1. Do  you think Bella skates during the holiday season?
  2. Does she visit family someplace warm over the holiday season?
  3. Or, does she go to see the Nutcracker Sweet?

Please feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you.

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