10 Reasons to Crochet Christmas Ornaments

Crochet Christmas Ornaments --10 reasons to do so. Plus information regarding crochet ornament patterns and materials used to create them.Why crochet your own Christmas ornaments? The 10 reasons to crochet Christmas ornaments are connected to making the best Christmas possible. The reasons to crochet Christmas ornaments are not listed in any particular order.

First Reason—Family Tradition

Crocheting Christmas ornaments is an opportunity to create a family tradition.

Second Reason—Holiday Spirit

Stay connected to the spirit of the holiday
by hand-making ornaments.

Third Reason—Custom Color Palette

You can have a color palette that matches your decor and your holiday spirit.

Forth Reason—Child Friendly

Crochet Christmas ornaments are made of yarn and don’t break into sharp pieces making th10 Reason to Crochet Christmas Ornaments--Craft Ideas Holiday 2016em child friendly.

Fifth Reason—Pet Friendly

Crochet ornaments are also pet friendly. The tail of your happy Lab puppy won’t knock and break ornaments off the tree.

Sixth Reason—Shipping Friendly

A great gift to ship because they won’t break.

Seventh Reason—Luggage Friendly

They won’t break in the luggage and they are light weight.

Eighth Reason—Inventive Holiday Decor

You can create a hanging center piece that won’t block your view or take up precious table space.

Ninth Reason—Holiday Memento

Apply embroidery to them and they can become an extra special holiday memento.

Tenth Reason—Better Car Trips

Crocheting Christmas Ornaments is a car friendly it doesn’t require much room and it makes the time pass faster.

Today’s post was inspired by the fact that my project is featured on the cover of Craft Ideas 2016 Holiday issue. So, if this post has inspired you to crochet your ornaments, you can find the step-by-step instructions in the magazine. To learn more about the products used to create the ornaments, just click on the product names and you’ll go to their pages. The yarns for this project are  Lion 24/7 Cotton and Lion Brand Bonbons DK and the filling is Poly-fil® fiberfill.


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