Free Holiday DIY Craft— Felt Gift Card Holders for Graduation, Father’s Day or any other ocassion

Felt Gift Card Holder for Mom, Dad or GradFelt gift card holder adds a personal touch to a gift card. Shopping for the perfect gift for some people on your gift list can be an act of futility. A gift card seems like it would be the perfect option. However, some people are concerned about being perceived as being impersonal or lazy. One solution is giving a gift card in a handmade gift card holder. Most people would agree something handmade is personal and a person who takes the time to make something handmade certainly is not lazy. Posted below are the general instructions on how to make gift card holders.


Aleene’s® No-Sew Fabric Glue™, DMC® Embroidery Floss—various colors, Felt—various colors, Fabric Marker. Embellishments, such as beads

Tools: Scissors, Ruler, Needle. Quarter


  1. Create cardholder base–Cut two 4” X 2 ¾” from felt. Fold one piece in half on the long side. Mark the center point. Take a quarter and center it on the line that was just made. Draw a semi- circle around the quarter. Cut out semi-circle
  2. Blanket stitch around three sides using DMC threads.
  3. Cut out embellishments and adhere to cardholder base using Aleene’s® No-Sew Fabric Glue™ to attach the cardholder embellishments.

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