Free Beading Pattern–Herringbone Stitch Ring

Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free beaded ring tutorial. The materials used are: 2-hole SuperDuo beads, 2-hole Tile beads. a pearl and seed beads.Today’s free beading pattern is for a herringbone stitch ring that features two types of two-hole beads. The square-shaped bead is the two-hole Tile bead and the elongated bead is the two-hole SuperDuo bead. If you have never worked with two-hole beads before, then this a good pattern to start with.






Materials for the Herringbone Stitch Ring

  • 6       2X5mm   SuperDuo (pinched outline) 2-hole Beads Pastel Green Turquoise
  • 1      6mm        Glass Pearl Smooth Round White
  • 4      6mm        Tile 2-hole Beads Crystal Silver
  • 2g   10/0         Czech Seed Beads Matte Silver
  • Beadalon® WildFire™ beading thread diameter 00.20 (.008”)–Frost
  • Big Eye Needle
  • Scissors

Instructions for the Herringbone Stitch Ring

Focal Component

  1. Frame pearl. Pick up pearl and 10 seed beads and pass through the pearl again. Frame other side with 10 beads.Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free Tutorial--Fig. 1
  2. Add four Tile beads. Pick up one Tile bead. Skip four seed beads and pass through the 5th. Repeat for a total of four times. Step up by passing through the first Tile bead added in this step.Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free Tutorial--Fig. 2
  3. Fill in spaces with SuperDuo beads. Pick up one SuperDuo and pass through the next Tile bead. Repeat a total of four times. Step up by passing the needle through the second hole of the SuperDuo. Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free Tutorial--Fig. 3
  4. Fill in spaces along the outside edge with silver seed beads. Pick up one silver seed bead and pass through the top hole of the next bead. Repeat all the way around. Adding a total of eight silver seed beads.Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free Tutorial--Fig. 4

Ring Band

  1.  Create ring band starter unit. Thread should be exiting a Tile bead from a hole on the outside edge. Pick up 2 seed beads, one SuperDuo bead, and 2 seed beads. Pass through second hole of the SuperDuo bead. Pick up 2 seed beads and pass into the Tile bead from the opposite side. Attach a second thread to the Tile bead on the opposite side. Create the second ring band starter unit.Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free Tutorial--Fig. 5
  2. Work herringbone stitch off of both ring band starter units. Pick up two silver seed beads. Pass the needle down through the seed bead below and up through the next seed and the one above it. Continue working in the herringbone stitch until you have achieved the desired size.Herringbone Stitch Ring Pattern--Free Tutorial--Fig. 6
  3. Connect the two sides of the ring band. You will follow the same thread path as the herringbone stitch without adding any additional beads. Pass the needle through the beads of the other end following the herringbone stitch thread path. Reinforce stitches as needed. Weave thread ends in and trim.

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