DIY Crochet Holiday Gift–Best Furry Friend Teddy Bear

Crochet Furry Teddy Bear aka Best Furry Friend Teddy Bear is an adorable gift to make

Crochet furry teddy bear for someone special

Once you hold this crochet furry teddy bear, you’ll know why I called this project Best Furry Friend Teddy Bear (BFF). This would be an adorable DIY gift.  Just one hug and this bear will quickly become a child’s favorite. The yarns used to make this bear are Lion Brand Pelt yarn and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice® worsted weight acrylic. The feel of the yarn reminds me of the Gund stuffed animals. I know that overweight cats aren’t healthy, but they are just so wonderful to hug. The shape of the bear’s body is based on them.


Crocheting with Fur Yarn Tips

If you have never crocheted with fur yarn, then here are some tips to help you make this project or any other that uses fur yarn.

Combine the fur yarn with a smooth yarn

This will make it easier to see the stitches. This first tip was incorporated into the project itself. Counting stitches and undoing stitches can be challenging. To make it easier for the makers of the teddy bear project, I chose to make/design the project by working in rows instead of in the round. If you lose track of your count, it is okay.

How to tell if you made a mistake

Hold your work up to a good light source such as a sunny window or a bright lamp. With the light shining through your project, you’ll be able to count. If you found that you did make a mistake, then you can undo the stitches. Yes, it can be a pain and require some patience.

What to do if you made a mistake

You shouldn’t yank the yarn the way you would with a smooth yarn when unraveling stitches. Unravel one stitch at a time by holding onto the prior stitch with one hand and with the other hand at the same time insert your hook into the stitch and gently wiggle it. This should help loosen it up so you can take it out.

Buying extra yarn to practice with is another option.

The instructions for this project can be found in the December 2015 issue of Crochet World.

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