French Poodle Christmas Ornaments

Dog Ornament Series—French Poodle Christmas Ornaments

These French Poodle Christmas Ornaments are the fourth installment of Christmas Ornaments inspired by dog breeds.

French Poodle Christmas Ornaments

About the Design Process

The first step in designing these Poodle ornaments was to decide what attributes to communicate. The two that came to mind were the fluffy texture of its hair and that they tend to look well groomed. The first attribute was much harder to communicate then the second. I found that felt alone didn’t work. The solution I came up with was using embroidery stitches.  Each curl was individually and meticulously applied to the head. Giving the appearance of a well groomed dog was much easier to communicate.  Limiting the texture application to the top of the head was one way to communicate this attribute. The other way was to have the collar and bows match. The difference between ornaments A and B is the yarn used to create the hair on top of the head.

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