DIY Holiday Decor—Felt Gingerbread House

Felt Ginfelt-gingerbread-house-in-brown-red-green-yellow-white-and-pink_1_1gerbread House to Make

This felt gingerbread house is  just so charming. You’ll want to keep it out all the time no matter how you choose to use it.  Here are some of the ways I would use it for: sewing supplies, holiday cards, holiday decor, cookies, or as a gift box.

Creating a Family Holiday Tradition

Holiday gathering are greatly enhanced by family traditions. It would be easy for this felt gingerbread house to become or to be incorporated into a holiday tradition like writing you holiday cards. In order for something to become a family tradition it has to last.

That is why I took care when I selected thefelt-gingerbread-house-open_1 materials and wrote the instructions.  This gingerbread house was made with National Nonwovens felt. They produce felt that has a high wool content that adds durability. Plus the colors of their felt are consistent and uniformed.

Felt Gingerbread HouseYou can find the step-by -step instructions in the December 2015 issue of Craft Ideas


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