Crochet—How to Change Colors

Change Colors — Crochet 101— In this free crochet tutorial you will learn how to change color. Step-by step photos are included.

Tutorial on How to Change Colors

In this free crochet tutorial  you will learn how to change colors.  The color change process starts in the stitch before you want the new color begin.

  1. You work the stitch prior to the color change up to the point shown in the first image. (photo 1)
  2. The stitch is completed by pulling the new color through the two loop that are on the hook. (photo 2)
  3. Here you can see what it looks like to change the color twice. (photo 3)
  4. Compare photo four to photo three. You can see from this photo that the results produced from this tutorial are neater than if you just changed the color at the very beginning of a stitch.
Crochet how to change color

Photo 4

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