DIY Home Decor–Create Artwork and Accessories from Leftover Wallpaper


leftover wallpaper accessories--To make these sweet letters, you'll want to scour Etsy for vintage wallpaper scraps. Get the tutorial at My So Called Crafty Life »
My So Called Crafty Life

You can create accessories  by covering Paper Mache Letters with leftover wallpaper. See how the blogger from My So Called Crafty life did by clicking on the link below the photo. If you like this idea, but don’t have leftover wallpaper there are other options, such as scrapbooking paper or fabric.

Salvage the end of a roll and turn it into a series of framed panels. Bonus: You can easily move them from room to room or house to house.
Good Housekeeping
Buying artwork to cover large walls can be expensive. Leftover wallpaper can be turned into a series of framed panels. This idea is easy and budget friendly DIY home décor project.
 Hang Wallpaper
If you live in a rental apartment you can still use wallpaper as artwork.  Create hanging art using leftover wallpaper as seen in the photo from Better Homes and Garden.


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