DIY Fashion Inspiration Taraji Henson in Alexander Wang & How to interpret the look

Taraji Henson from Empire in Alexander Wang

Like many other viewers of Empire I am fan of Taraji Henson’s performance as Cookie. Empire has a very engaging storyline in addition to glamour. Like her character Taraji knows how to dress to impress. When I saw her wearing the Alexander Wang gown I thought that it was a look I would like to steal or at interpret as a DIY fashion project. (The picture is from the

The first step would be to find a sleeveless black dress. The one from American Apparel I thought would make a great starting point because I didn’t want a dress as formal as Taraji is wearing.

Cotton Spandex Jersey Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress
American Apparel

Embellishment–it is hard to tell exactly what is on her dress. It could be nailheads, it could be trim with nailheads on it, or it could be a chain of some sort. I would probably go with  MJ Trim’s 6 mm Hotfix round nailheads in silver. If you would like to see them, then click on the link.
Until I added the embellishment, I wouldn’t know if I would add the velvet. If I were going to add the velvet, then I would use Steam-A-Seam 2 double sided fusible web to attach it. If you are not familiar with the product, then you can click on the product name to link to the site.

How to determine the size and placement of the teardrop openings. First, I would put on the dress in order to determine the length and width the opening should be. Second, I would use my Microsoft word to create a teardrop shape with the determined dimensions. Third, I would trace the printed shape onto the fusible web and cut it out. Fourth, I would put the dress on again, remove the backing from the fusible web teardrop cutout and place it on the dress. Make any adjustments if required of the shape.  Fifth, I would mark around the shape and then cut it out. Reinforce fabric if necessary.
Affix the nailheads. If I were to add velvet, I would use the steam-a-seam to create a shape template and then affix it to the dress using the webbing.

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