DIY Fashion—Denim Shorts with Lace

DIY Denim Shorts—Hack this Look From Free People

Have you ever gone into a store and loved a look but not the price? I know I have. The antidote can be found on yesterday’s and today’s post. Yesterday, I shared some tutorials on how to do this DIY fashion project. Today’s post will include a construction option and information regarding materials.

No Sew DIY Denim  Shorts Options

No sew option means that some type of adhesive  is required. One option you might be familiar with is fabric glue. Beacon’s Fabri-Tac is an example of a fabric glue. Another option is double stick fusible web. It comes in sheets and in tape. For a project like this one I would use the tape that is shown in the picture. To learn about the product and where to buy it click on the link below the picture. Either option would work well.

If you have never done this type of project before, then you might be wondering where can I find the most lace options. The answer is a trim store. The one I go to to is called M&J Trimming. Just click on their name and the link will take you to their web site page that has lace. If lace isn’t your style there are other options.


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