Easter Chick Quiz & Card

Easter Chick Card
Petunia was insisting on a letter writing campaign to further her cause of having penguins included as part of the Easter Celebration. When craft designer told her that there wasn’t enough time, she said she would push the send button herself. After the concept of mailing through the US Postal Service was explained to her, she agreed to this Easter Chick Card and Quiz posting to further her cause. This is a one question quiz. Q: Which baby animal on the card to the left is known as a Chick. A: Both. (Petunia read that getting the reader thinking was a good way to engage the public. ) The decorative background for the card was created as follows: temporary tape was placed horizontally and vertically, the color was applied using a duster brush and the images were stamped using the same color ink. The images of the TWO Easter Chicks were rendered using watercolor pencils and then dimension was added by applying Aleene’s® Paper Glaze™. (Petunia insisted that we state TWO Easter Chicks. She read it somewhere that this would help the public get comfortable with the idea of having a second type of Easter Chick.)

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