Petunia Penguin asks “why there’s no Easter Penguin?”

Amigurumi Penguin

Petunia Penguin asks why there’s no Easter Penguin? Why do baby Chickens get to be part of Easter and not Penguins? Baby Penguins are called chicks just like baby Chickens. Penguins are hatched from eggs just like Chickens. Baby Penguins a.k.a. chicks are cute and fuzzy just like baby Chickens. Petunia Penguin respectfully requests that you add Penguins to you Easter Celebration.

Petunia came into being through the art form of Amigurumi and by combining the following materials—Lion Brand Yarns,  Poly-fil® fiberfill, and Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®.

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