Quick and Cute Holiday Reindeer Card

Quick Reindeer CardQuick Reindeer Card Design Idea

This Quick and Cute Holiday Reindeer Card proves that it is possible to create a holiday card with charm without spending a great deal of time.Below are three tips to help you create own quick and cute holiday card.

Tip #1–evaluate your decorative paper. There are thick white lines separating the  sections. This meant time and paper could be saved when creating this card. Often the stamped decorative area would be mounted on another piece of paper to frame it. The white lines make creating a frame unnecessary.
Tip#2–Stamp image on colored paper. In this case, the reindeer were stamped in brown on brown paper. This saves time in having to color in the image.

Tip#3–Sometimes it is okay to stamp one image over another. The reindeer on the two sides had snowflakes stamped over them, but not the middle one. This helps create a sense of depth.

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