Primitive Cat Paintings

Primitive Cat PaintingPrimitive Cat Paintings to Paint

These two Primitive Cat Paintings represent the opposite ends of the Primitive Painting Style.

European School of Painting

The cat painting on the left has texture and dimension. Its style is closer to the European School of Painting. Compare it to the cat on the right.Primitive Cat Painting

Primitive Style of Painting

The cat painting on the right  looks flat. This flat or graphic quality is one of the hallmarks of the Primitive style. See how different they look even though the subject and the materials used are the same.

Painting Techniques

The techniques used to create the two primitive cat paintings are as opposite as the final products.The techniques used to create the cat on the left involved focusing in on detail and the application of paint in layers. The result of these technique gives the cat dimension and texture. In other words, this why looks furry and more realistic. The techniques used to create the cat on the right involved painting involve simplification and applying paint in a more solid fashion. As a results, the cat doesn’t look furry and looks flat.

The article is called Twice as Nice! in the October 2010 issue of Quick and Easy Painting. The project provides the opportunity to experiment with the Primitive Painting Style.

Primitive Cat Paintings--October 2010 issue of Quick and Easy Painting

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