Tuscan Candleholder to Make

Tuscan Candleholder

Tuscan Candleholder to Make

This Tuscan Candleholder is my interpretation of the Tuscan style. The words I would choose to describe the Tuscan style are the following: rustic, sun-baked, terracotta, and wrought iron.

Here is how I interpreted it. First, I chose the base—a terracotta flower pot. This took care of the terracotta and sun-baked.  Second, I chose a simple motif. This took care of the rustic criteria.  Third, I chose paint products  to giveTuscan Candleholder-- June 2010 issue of Crafts 'n things cover a sense of metal. This took care of the wrought iron aspect.

This project is perfect for the crafter who likes to upcycle or repurpose. You will be able to  change something ordinary into something extraordinary. If you are interested in learning how it was done and what products were used to transform a basic flower pot into an elegant candleholder, then check out the June 2010 issue of Crafts ‘n things.

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