Quilters & Mod Podge® Enthusiasts Unite

Mod Podge--Learn about using it with fabric to create placemats Mod Podge with Fabric Who Knew

Mod Podge enthusiasts probably knew about using it with fabric. However, this might have news to quilters. I used it to create this vintage style placement.

Reasons to try this technique

  • If you are quilter, then this could be a new reason to  to justify their stash.
  • If you area Mod Podge enthusiasts, then this could be your introduction to quilt design.
  • If you are someone who likes the look of quilted accessories, but isn’t a sewer, then this could be an attractive solution.

To learn how to make this stash savvy placemat, checkout the April 2010 issue of Create & Decorate which will be available on newsstands February 16, 2010. The article is called Vintage Print Place Mat and is on pages 80 and 81.

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