How to Speed Up Your Christmas Card Design Process

Quick Christmas Card Design--learn how to speed up your design processQuick Christmas Card Design Solution

Have you ever been under the gun to come up with a quick Christmas card design?

The right decorative paper can really speed up the process. What I mean by the right decorative paper is one that has a strong design element, such as the motif or color palette.  The paper used for the tree card illustrates a strong motif and the paper used for the poinsettia card illustrates a strong color palette.

Quick Christmas Card Design--learn how to speed up your design process


Christmas Tree Card

The paper’s motif lead me to choose the tree stamp. This is due to the use of curved lines and dot.  The two elements go together without being too matchy.


Poinsettia Christmas Card

The paper’s  color palette drove the design for the poinsettia card. It lead me to choose the poinsettia stamp because it was easy to apply the paper’s color palette to the image. If you’re not careful a strong decorative paper can outshine the image you chose as a focal image. The solution in this case was using Aleene’s® Paper Glaze.  I was able to create a 3-D poinsettia  and give it a glossy shine. Both of these attributes helped the stamped image standout from the paper.

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