Green Craft Project—Seahorse Tray

Why make a green craft project?
Green Craft Project--learn two reasons why you should consider making one. Plus see what you can transform a clementine crate into.

There are two reasons to make a green craft project. The first reason is it is Eco-friendly. The second reason is it is budget friendly. This posting includes a before and after photos, which may help inspire your green craft muse. The base of the tray is a Clementine crate. The items required to transform the crate into a tray were minimal: cutout wooden shapes, a couple of pieces of watercolor paper, FolkArt® Acrylic Paints, Glitter and Beacon’s 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue. The tray can be used as a festive way to serve drinks or it can be used as whimsical container to store art supplies that are frequently accessed.

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