New Bead Introduction: 2-Hole Es-o Mini

New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead—About the BeadNew Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead Introduction

The Es-o mini is a new addition to the two-hole bead family. It is 4 mm long and has a pinched shape.





New Two-Hole Es-o Bead--Free Peyote Tutorial using a two-hole bead

Peyote Stitch Tutorial

How to Peyote Stitch with the New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead

Working the peyote stitch with the New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead is only slightly different then working the stitch with seed beads.

New Two-Hole Es-o Bead--Peyote--steps 3

Step 3

New Two-Hole Es-o Bead--Peyote--steps 1 and 2

Steps 1 and 2


  1. Pick up the stopper bead and pass through it again a couple of times, going in the same direction . Pick up six beads.
  2. Pick up one bead, skip the first bead picked up in step one, and pass through the (second hole) of the next bead.
  3. Repeat the second step two more times.
  4. Continue working until you have achieved the desired length.


 Herringbone Tutorial New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead--Free herringbone stitch tutorial using a two-hole bead

How to work the herringbone stitch using the New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead


1.Work the first row in ladder stitch using seed beads. Thread needle with beading thread. Pick up four seed beads. Pass through all four beads again to create a two-by-two square.New Es-o Mini Bead

Pick up two beads at a time. Pass through two beads from the previous stitch and the two beads just added. Continue adding until you have the desired width. (The number of two bead stacks should be even.)

New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead

2. Pick up two Es-o Mini beads, and sew down through the next bead in the previous row and up through the following bead in the previous row. Repeat across the first row.

New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead

3. To turn in preparation, pass up through the second to last bead in the row below. When you pass up through the last bead added, pass up through the second hole.

New Two-Hole Es-o Mini BeadNew Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead

4. Work second row of herringbone stitch using the Es-o beads. Pick up two beads and pass the needle through the second hole of the bead below. Repeat until you finish the row.

New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead


If you don’t like to see the thread along the outside edge, then pick up two seed bead before you pass through the second hole of the last bead added in the row you just completed.New Two-Hole Es-o Mini Bead Worked in Herringbone Stitch

Due to the size of the beads, you may want to double thread to make the stitches more secure.

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