DIY Christmas Ornament—Salt Dough Snowman Ornament

Salt Dough Snowman Ornament to make. You can make salt dough with ingredients you probably have around the house. Learn more about it.Salt Dough Snowman Ornament to Make

Making a salt dough snowman ornament is easy and budget friendly.

What is salt dough?

Salt dough is made from a mixture of flour, salt and water and is used for modeling. You can use food coloring to add color to it or paint it. It does not require special tool. You can use your fingers. However if you use simple tools you can create complex designs. If you properly store the mixed dough in air-tight container, it does not crumble or crack. You can bake it in the oven to make it solid. Remember that after baking, the dough loses flexibility and might break if mishandled.

Why is a Salt Dough Snowman Ornament Budget Friendly?

Salt dough ornaments are budget friendly because they are made with items that you probably already have on hand.

You can find out everything you need to know about making this Salt Dough Snowman Ornament in the December 2010 issue of Create & Decorate.
Salt Dough Snowman Ornament

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