Beaded Snowflake Pattern--Free tutorial

Free Beaded Snowflake Pattern

Beaded Snowflake Free Beading Tutorial Beaded snowflake—learn how to make this versatile project. It can be used to make a beaded snowflake ornament, a beaded snowflake pin, a pair of … Continue Reading →

Free Tutorial on how to make this Two-hole Es-o Mini Beaded Bead

Two-Hole Es-o Mini Beaded Bead

Free Beading Tutorial Two-Hole Es-o Mini Beaded Bead Learn how to make the two-hole Es-o mini beaded bead. The two-hole Es-o Mini is a new addition to the two-hole bead family. … Continue Reading →

Chenille Stitch--This is a free beading tutorial on the chenille stitch and the twisted variation.

Chenille Stitch Tutorial

About the Free Tutorial on the Chenille Stitch Today’s beading tutorial on the Chenille Stitch came about because I wanted to come up with a way to show off the 2Tiny™ Fire … Continue Reading →

Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead

Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead

Free Tutorial on how to make a Two-Hole Tango Bead—Beaded Bead This free beading tutorial builds on the previous three posts. What makes this beaded bead different from the previous … Continue Reading →