How to Get Published in a Craft Magazine–Part 5

How to get published in a craft magazine. A step-by-step guide.Part five of the How to get published in a craft magazine provides the step by step process.

As a published designer, I will share with you my approach. The first step I take is to identify some magazines for a particular craft–if I don’t have one in mind.  I might go to a local newsstand, bookstore, library or do a google search. I select one that I would go to for inspiration or has designs that are in keeping with my design style.

The second step is I learn about the magazine. I gather up the submission/designer guidelines, the editorial calendar and some back issues.

Submission/Designer Guidelines

(This tends to be available on the magazine’s website)
The designer guidelines gives me insight to what type  of content is in keeping with the magazine. It provides general information about the magazine and an overview of the submission process. Here is an outline of the typical document.

General information about the publication
  • Frequency of publication
  • Page count
  • Content information- focus of articles, what they include, standard features
  • How to
  • Advice
  • Requirements

Review Process

Material Selection
What types are acceptable

Accepted Designs

What you’ll be expected to deliverEditorial Calendar
Reviewing the editorial calendar is my first step in the design process. It lets me know what the editor is specifically seeking for an issue: theme, type, technique and color. I choose which issue I will create a design for based on what theme appeals to me and what deadline I can make. I check my craft stash to see if I have materials that meet what they are seeking, such as color. Then I start brainstorming on what I can create based on what they say they are seeking for a particular issue.Magazine Review
If I am unfamiliar with a magazine, then I would look at as many issues of the publication I could to better my understanding of the magazine. If I am familiar with the magazine, then I would just look at the same issue from the previous year.Create the Design
The design I create will reflect what I have learned. Additionally, I take detailed notes while I am creating the project. The notes include materials (types, quantities, sizes and colors) and steps taken. The note taking might include photos or illustrations.


I review the requirements again to make sure I didn’t forget anything that would prevent my project from being considered for review.

Accepted Designs

I markdown the delivery deadline and when I need to ship in order to make the deadline. I review the requirements before I write up the article and again before I ship the project.

Following the process outlined above will help you to create a design that is in keeping with a magazine and the editor’s vision for an issue. Good luck!:)

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