Free Beading Tutorial–Tubular Herringbone Beaded Bead

Now you can apply what you learned in the previous two posts to make this tubular herringbone beaded bead . You will use the ladder stitch and the tubular herringbone stitch. You’ll need seed beads in three sizes ,  2Tiny Fire Polished beads, bead thread, Big Eye Needle and scissors. In a future post I will show you how to incorporate the two-hole Tango Bead.



8 6/0 Czech Seed Beads Matte Copper
16 8/0 Czech Seed Beads Matte Copper
24 2Tiny Fire Polished Beads
24 10/0 Czech Seed Beads Matte Copper



1) Follow the August 10th tutorial and create an eight bead ladder using 6/0 .

2) Follow the August 11th tutorial and work in the tubular herringbone stitch. The first round is worked using 8/0, the second round is worked using the 2Tiny fire polished beads, the third row is worked using the 10/0.

3) Work one 2Tiny Fire Polished beads between the pair of seed beads. Repeat a total of four times and step up by passing through the first bead added in this step.

4) Work one 10/0 seed bead into each 2Tiny Fire Polished bead. Repeat a total of four times.

Pass through the seed beads added in this step a couple of times. Then weave through the beads exiting a 6/0 bead.

5) Create second half. Repeat steps two through four. After you finish the additional pass throughs of the 10/0 seed beads, just weave in thread ends and trim.

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