Free Beading Tutorial–Tubular Herringbone

 a-free-beading-tutorial-tubular-herringbone-stitch-with-step-out-photosTubular herringbone stitch is a variation of the herringbone stitch. The stitch can be worked using different types and sizes of beads. It is often used to create elaborate beaded ropes. In a future post, I will be providing a tutorial on how to create a beaded bead using this stitch.

Beaded Herringbone Stitch Tutorial

1) Create a ladder stitch band made of eight beads. (If you are not familiar with the stitch, then refer to previous post–ladder stitch tutorial.) There are two beads per stitch. In this example, you will be working four stitches per round.

2) Create baseJoin the first and last beads of the ladder  stitch band togetubular-herringbone-create-a-basether by passing the needle through the first bead of the ladder and then into the last bead of the ladder. Repeat thread path a couple of times to secure. 

3) Work a stitubular-herringbone-pick-up-2-beads-and-pass-the-needle-down-through-the-next-beadtch.  Pick up two beads. Pass the needle down through the next bead.


4) Pass the needle up through the next bead.

5) Work three more stitches. On the fourth stitch you’ll step up in preparation to work the next round.

tubular-herringbone-step-up-by-pass-through-two-beads 6) On the fourth stitch, you will pass up through two beads.
7) Repeat steps 3-6 until you have achieved the desired length.

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