Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead

Free Tutorial on how to make a Two-Hole Tango Bead—Beaded BeadTwo-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead

This free beading tutorial builds on the previous three posts. What makes this beaded bead different from the previous beaded bead is that it features the 2-hole Tango bead. The Tango bead has a triangle shape and has two holes that allows for multiple configurations:  cubes, pyramids, and other geometric shapes. The design of the previous beaded was elevated by Incorporating this bead. Changing the beads used in a project can have  a dramatic effect. In this case, adding the 2-hole Tango bead made the tubular herringbone stitch look like the twisted version.  To see the instructions click Read more below the photo.


8 6/0 Czech Seed Beads Matte Copper
16 8/0 Czech Seed Beads Matte Copper
24 2Tiny Fire Polished Beads
24 10/0 Czech Seed Beads Matte Copper
4 2-hole Tango (triangle) beads Bright Copper
Beading Thread
Big Eye Needle


1) Follow the August 10th tutorial and create an eight bead ladder using 6/0 .

2) Follow the August 11th tutorial and work in the tubular herringbone stitch. The first round is worked using 8/0, the second round is worked using the 2Tiny fire polished beads, the third row is worked using the 10/0.

Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead3) Work one 2Tiny Fire Polished beads between the pair of seed beads. Repeat a total of four times and step up by passing through the first bead added in this step.

Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead

4) Work one 10/0 seed bead into each 2Tiny Fire Polished bead. Repeat a total of four times. Pass through the seed beads added in this step a couple of times. Then weave through the beads exiting a 6/0 bead.

Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead

Two-Hole Tango Bead-Beaded Bead
5)  Add the 2-hole Tango Beads and 6/0 seed beads. Use the photo for reference regarding the orientation of the holes of the tango bead. Pick up one tango bead and two 8/0 seed beads. Pass the needle down through the second hole of the tango bead and the seed bead below it. Repeat a total of four times. At the end of round you’ll step up through three beads instead of the standard two.


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