Free Beaded Bead Earring Tutorial

First Version–Simple Beaded Bead Earring

Learn How to Make this Beaded Bead Earring

Making a Beaded Bead Earring is easy. Beaded beads are versatile and easy to transform into eye-catching jewelry. Today’s post includes four versions of earrings created using a beaded bead as the base. For the instruction on how to make the super easy Beaded Bead using the peyote stitch, see the prior post.

First Version of Beaded Bead Earring

To transform the beaded bead into the first version of the earring you will need two earring wires and additional seed beads. The earring wire can be attached to the last row worked on either side.

Starting with the thread exiting one of the last beads added, pick up five (2mm) gold seed beads and earring wire. Pass through a bead on the opposite side. Then make the return trip by passing through the beads that were added and the bead that the thread was exiting at the start (starter bead). When you pass through starter bead enter from the opposite side. In other words return to the starting position. Repeat thread path until secure. For the simplest version, weave thread ends in and trim. Repeat process to make second earring.

For the other three versions, you will take the thread that is used to attach the earring wire and pass it through the center of the beaded bead.

Second Version of the Beaded Bead Earring

For the second version of the earring, you will need two earring wires, additional seed beads and  two 7mm x 5mm  Czech Fire polished Tear Drops Crystal AB. Pick up the drop and one (2mm) gold seed bead. Pass through the drop and the last row of beads worked on that side. Repeat thread path a couple of times to secure. Then weave thread ends into the seed beads and trim. Repeat process for the second earring.

Version 2

Third and Fourth Version

Versions three and four are worked the same way as two, except you pick up different beads.
Version three–pick up one (2mm) gold seed bead, one 2Tiny Fire Polished Bead, one (2mm) gold seed bead, one 2Tiny Fire Polished Bead, one 7mm x 5mm tear drop crystal and one (2mm) gold seed bead
Version four–pick up one (2mm) gold seed bead, one 13mm  x 10mm tear drop crystal, one 7mm x 5mm tear drop crystal and one (2mm) gold seed bead.

Here is the material list for the base beaded.
1.5mm Japanese Seed Bead Gold (A)
2mm Japanese Seed Bead Gold (B)
3mm Japanese Seed Bead Gold (C)
2TINY™ 2mm Fire Polished Beads Crystal Azuro (D)
DIAMONDUO™ 2-Hole Beads Gold (E)
Beadalon® WildFire™ beading thread diameter 00.20 (.008”)–Black

Big Eye Needle”