Pit Bull Puppy Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Series Inspired by Dog BreedsPit Bull Puppy Christmas Ornaments

Pit Bull Puppy Christmas Ornaments

A–Gray and White

These Pit Bull Puppy Christmas Ornaments are the first in the series. The original design inspiration for the Pit Bull Puppy ornament was a neighbor’s dog when it was a puppy. She was a gray and white and I just loved her floppy ears. Option A was based on the neighbor’s dog.

About the Design Process

In order to capture the essence of the dog, I had to figure out what it was. If I had to think of one adjective to describe the look of this breed, then I would say muscular. It was very challenging to give the sense of muscle using felt in a flat design. It took many rounds of trial and error until I achieved the desired look.  When I showed a friend the ornament he said that Pit Bulls get their ears clipped.

Pit Bull Puppy Christmas Ornaments--Clipped ear dog

B–Clipped Ears

Pit Bull Puppy Christmas Ornaments--all gray

C–All gray

So, I made one ornament showing the dog with clipped ears. However, I noticed that the Pit Bulls in my neighborhood don’t have clipped ears. I am curious to know what you all think. Feel free to share your feedback regarding the ears (clipped vs. non-clipped) and which ornament you like best–A, B, or C.

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