Free Beaded Star Pattern

Give Your Star a Beaded StarFree Beaded Star Tutorial

A beaded star makes a great  gift. With graduation around the corner, you might be searching for a gift to show how proud you are of the person. This free beaded star project gets its sparkle from a new addition to the world of beading it is called 2TINY™ fire polished bead.


Vial 10/0 Czech Seed Beads
7 g 3mm Japanese Triangle Beads
2TINY™ 2MM Fire Polished Beads—Crystal Silver Rainbow
One 6mm Czech Fire Polished Bead Round
Beadalon® WildFire™ beading thread diameter 00.20 (.008”)–Frost
Chain Optional


Big Eye Needle

Stitch Notes

  • Every row of the brick stitch starts with 2 beads.
  • The number of beads  you work each round may vary based on the bead you use.
  • Your goal is to have the beads be evenly spaced around the center bead.
  • You may need to use your fingers to nudge the beads into place.


Round 1—worked with 10/0 seed beads
Use 4′ of thread to string the 6mm fire polished bead leaving a 5” tail. Pass through the center twice and placing one loop on each side. The stitches that surround the center bead will be worked off of these loops.  The first row is done using the 10/0 seed bead. String bead 1 and 2. Pass the needle under the thread loop (heading towards you) and up through second bead strung. Pull the thread so that beads rest snugly on the center bead. Finish the round picking up one bead at a time. String bead 3, pass thread under the loop and pass back up through bead 3. Repeat all the way around unit you have worked a total of 13 beads. In this case the last bead is the 13th. After you completed the 13th stitch, pass the needle down through the first bead, out towards the back, under the thread loop in front of the first bead and up through the first bead.
Round 2—worked with 13 triangle beads.
Round 3—worked with 25 2Tiny beads.
Make 5 star points—work the first stitch pick up two 2tiny beads. After you complete the stitch pass down the first bead and up the second bead to make secure. Work a total of five beads in the first row, then work one less bead for three rows—4, 3 and 2 beads. After you have completed the row with two bead, pick up one bead and pass the needle all the way down to the bottom of the point. Then weave your needle up through the next available bead. Create four more points. Weave in thread ends and trim.

Finish piece for desired use, such as a pendant or holiday ornament.

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