DIY Jewelry–Polymer Clay Project–Mica Shift Necklace

Mica Shift Necklace made with polymer clay

Mica Shift Technique

I created this necklace using the Mica Shift Technique.The technique produces the illusion of a three dimensional design by manipulating the mica within the metallic polymer clay. This striking effect can only be created using metallic polymer clay and it must have a high proportion of mica.

Polymer Clay for Mica Shift

Premo! Sculpey® from Polyform clay worked well for this project because it has a high enough proportion of mica. Click here to be linked to the product page.

Where to find this project

Mica Shift--necklace found in the April 2011 issue of Polymer CAFE
For more information on how to create this necklace, plus some other options, check out the April 2011 isse of PolymerCAFE–Pages 38-41.

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